The days are now getting longer and things are cooking down here at Farm Gate. When you step into the warmth of the store the aromas from the deli fill the air. Fresh bread, simmering soups, vegetarian casseroles to name a few. Often there are fresh apple pies coming out of the oven and of course those famous muffins full of nuts and fruit.

Need catering? Talk to us.

We are always looking for new products to bring in and we gladly take requests and try to accommodate whenever  possible. If you are looking for special case lot orders we can give a sweet 15%case discount.

The freezer has organic grass fed beef , organic lamb, and organic chickens all  from Deacon Vale Farm just 2 kilometres away! Albacore tuna, sockeye salmon, candied and lox style tuna are also available.

Fresh french press coffee?  Come on down – we’ll see you at the store!