568 Fernhill Rd.

Mayne Island BC V0N 2J2



About Us

Don and Shanti

There is something magnetic about a passion that ignites passion in others.  Don’s excitement for quality food combined with Shanti’s dedication and zeal for growing, it is easy to spirit that drives the success of Farm Gate Store.

Don’s first job found him in a kitchen as a teenager, taking over the grill while the cooks played cards.  From there, he “graduated” from peeling potatoes to training at the Dorchester Hotel in London. (When you come into the store, make sure you check out the picture of the Dorchester kitchen crew and see if you can find him in it!) He’s worked at many restaraunts and foodie places since, including owning his own restaraunt in Vancouver before moving to Mayne Island.

Shanti grew up in India, where she learned the importance of growing your own food at an early age.  Coming from a family of do-it-youself-ers, it was natural that she would flourish in the garden.  Since her early twenties, she has had flower and food gardens that have called to her in her “spare” time.  Since buying the farm in 1995, Shanti has been the driving force behind the magificent gardens and delicious array of canned goods (jellies, jams, relishes, chutnies and sauces).

Farm Gate Store is a natural extension of these two passions.  Together, combined with Shanti’s innate ability at creating beautiful and nuturing space, Don and Shanti have put the best of themselves into the store – and it shows!