TomatoesSummer on DeaconVale Farm has been a slow one this year. We have consistently been about a month behind the regular growing season. So when the tomatoes finally started coming in, it was more of a celebration than ever before. We could finally taste the elusive summer! Shanti’s favorite sandwiches of tomato, basil and mayo on fresh bread is a reality once again!

There is something magical about the first tomatoes of the season. People have been rolling into the store for a couple of weeks now, seeking out the Deacon Vale Farm tomatoes that they look forward to all year. There is no other vegetable or fruit that people get as excited about. I don’t know what it is about these rosy orbs exactly. Something about them harkens back to Mom’s kitchen and brings to mind some sunny summer day when you first tasted a fresh tomato, juice spilling down your arms, the flesh still warm and fragrant from the garden. Simply put, there is something kind of magical about them.

Whatever it is, we are sure glad tomato season finally arrived on Mayne. We are gorging ourselves on these delectable fruits everyday – and we hope you are taking the opportunity to do the same! Because before you know it, the last of the fruit will have been picked and we will be back in the waiting game until they are ready next year. It always takes so much longer than you think it’s going to for them to come back around. So eat up! Eat them fresh, in sauces, in salads, on their own or on a juicy BLT. Eat them until the juice runs down your arms. Don’t worry; we won’t judge you! We’ll be doing the same.