ChickensEvery morning for the last two weeks we have been finding dead chickens in their pen. One day it was 12, another it was 8, most days there were 2 0r 3. All had their heads chewed and the blood  sucked out of their bodies.

Contrary to some opinions minks are not cute and cuddly creatures. They are by far the worst predator we have encountered on the farm. Racoons, ravens, eagles, some dogs can be bad but they have nothing on minks.

We have been trying to trap this animal every night but nothing worked. Fish heads, cat food, chicken. Nothing would draw this clever little member of the weasel family into our ” have a heart” trap, which we placed outside the chicken pen.

Until last night.

In a moment of clarity I asked myself “What would Victor Wooten do?” Some of you may know that Victor is one of the finest bass players around today. What you may not know is that he has many other skills One of them is tracking animals.Two years ago I attended one of Victor’s bass and wilderness camps in Only, Tennessee. You can find out more about Victor’s camps at

I realized I needed to find this animal who had  killed 46 of our birds. I walked the river bed and found his tracks and his worn trail. At the head of this trail I placed the trap with chicken , his favourite food. In the morning our plump furry friend was indeed ….in the trap.

Thanks Victor.